Our Philosophy

We are all multi-textured, tangled threads in the same tapestry; broken, colorful pieces of glass fused to make a remarkable mosaic. Expand your circle to include women who don’t look, pray, speak, live or love like you–they are your sisters from another mother. We believe that every life is connected and our goal is to have a positive impact on 7 key focus areas:

B eginnings
E quality
E mpowerment

To learn more about our story, also visit us on Facebook.   And remember, everyone needs a mother, a sister, an aunt, a grandmother, a mentor and a friend now and then. Be there for someone who may not have any of those women as a support system. It will change your life way more than hers.

Experience has taught us that women who thrive share several characteristics. Our goal is to highlight and encourage sister voices who have those qualities and want to share their perspective with others:

T olerance
H ope
R esiliency
I nspiration
V ision
E mpathy

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